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Revival Rally 2014

Revival Rally '14 this weekend was just what I needed. The second annual event boasted with riders from all over Florida. Although it is December, we are still hanging on to the luxury getting on our motorcycles and riding with the sun beaming over us.

Motorcycles and scooters were lining the Milk District, and as you walked in to the back alley an exhibition of vintage bikes originating from across the world were waiting to be judged. A live band played rockabilly tunes, people sipped their beers from the local bars, and flaunted shirts that read the most sly sayings. My favorite being "PETROSEXUAL". There were food trucks and a dessert stand selling vegan cupcakes that I was lucky enough to try. Bourbon and rasberry really gets the night a goin.

The coolest part of the event was that they were doing this all for charity - K9s for Warriors. The charity provides service canines to our warriors suffering from post-traumatic stress and/or traumatic brain injury as a result of military service. Ladies dressed as pinups shuffled around endlessly to promote and raise money. A silent auction was held in the SpaceBar, with designs from local artists painted on Bell Custom 500 helmets. Then, as if all this wasn't enough already, a charity bike was built by Orlando's very own Cafe Moto Club. These guys are all garage builders who dedicated so much time and hardwork to provide a motorcycle for a winner of the raffle contest.

I was so damn ecstatic to see a woman who had just received her endorsement the week before had been chosen to give the motorcycle a home. Some things just seem to happen for a reason, huh? ;)

Hope you all enjoy the little video I put together. I hope to get out more with my GoPro in hand to capture more of my shenanigans, along with the wonderful events and beautiful people around me.

Hope you all get out there and enjoy the open air. Until next time!